We will use all means to reunite your family so you can continue to live the American dream here in the United States.

Marriage & Family Petitions:
Bring your immediate relative into the United States; if they are approved, they will be given a green card (permanent resident).

Employment Visas:
Can’t find a qualified US citizen or permanent resident to take your business to the next level?  Contact our office to assist your company grow by hiring talented foreigners whose special skills set can increase your company’s bottom line.

Investor Visas: EB-5:
One of the fastest ways of obtaining a green card.  You must invest $1,000,000 in the creation of 10 full-time jobs or participate in the accredited Regional Center Program (develops real estate projects) for $500,000.  With an investor visa, your immediate family can also get green cards.

Criminal cases & Immigration consequences:
Our office understands the devastating effects a theft, drug, or violent conviction can have on a noncitizen and approaches each case accordingly.  Some clients must take their case to trial. In others, it is in the client’s interest to plead guilty to minimize their exposure to prison or significant amounts of time in county jail.  Resolutions that minimize employment-related consequences can be specially crafted. All non-citizens should plead not guilty and consult with Osuna & Dotson Law Firm or an immigration attorney.  Many criminal offenses, even misdemeanors, can prevent you from ever becoming a citizen, or worse, result in your immediate removal (deportation) from the United States.