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Knowledge of the Law, Procedure, and a Fierce Reputation

The Law Firm understands that we all come from various backgrounds and we make mistakes.  Mr. Juan F. Dotson will ensure that your case is mitigated in case you believe a jury trial is not in your best interests.  Good dispositions are more often obtained by:

  • getting ready for trial (announcing ready for trial)
  • going to trial (beat serious charge, concede misdemeanor offense or all charges)
  • or settling the case at arraignment stage (court & DA’s office like to settle cases early to avoid a backlog of cases)

Not many southern California law firms have attorneys that have felony trial experience.  My Los Angeles – Riverside – Orange metro reputation for being a zealous trial advocate may aid you in your case because the prosecution knows our Law Firm can prevent criminal convictions through jury trial advocacy.  Some attorneys have never gone to trial—the prosecution will know that fact too.  Don’t put your liberty in the hands of an attorney that has never been to trial.


The Law Firm can aid you get back on your feet by clearing up felony or misdemeanor convictions so you can pass a background check.  We will present your story in a manner that best reflects the equities warranting this distinctive relief.
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California Juvenile Criminal Defense

There is nothing more important in this world than your child’s well being.  At times, good kids will get arrested or detained by the police.  Please review some of the information below and then call my office to arrange a consultation.  Not all criminal defense attorneys have handled a juvenile case—so make sure you ask plenty of questions before you hire your child an attorney.
Consider visiting the California Courts website before you speak with an attorney, as it has a lot of information that will help you understand the juvenile delinquency process.  If your child is involved in a juvenile delinquency case that means he or she is accused of breaking the law.

The court can make orders that:
* Let your child live with you under court supervision; or
* Put your child in an unlocked or locked facility.

The court will consider how old your child is, how serious the crime is, and the child’s criminal record if any.
The Law Firm has experience attorneys that have guided hundreds of parents through the delinquency system.
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