My Law Firm’s fight for justice does not start and end with cops and juries.  Mr. Juan F. Dotson has used his trial experience along with wisdom gained from seasoned bankruptcy attorneys, such as Claudia Osuna, to successfully stop home foreclosure sales by aiding clients achieve financial security through bankruptcy.  Clients with jobs (or who have family/friends willing to contribute financially) can usually make their mortgage payments (and keep their house) if they are not saddled with high credit card or other consumer debt.  In these cases, a chapter 13 bankruptcy can help them reorganize their debt so they can continue living in their home or keep their car.

Chapter 7 Liquidation of Assets: Mrs. Claudia C. Osuna and I have helped thousands of people get rid of all their debt so they can rebuild their financial portfolio without any monthly baggage.

When foreclosure is imminent, taking an offensive position by suing the bank may lead the bank to reconsider it’s position on foreclosure.  Banks have recently been known to offer and unilaterally cancel trial payment periods, lie about not receiving documents, convince borrowers to accept new services in exchange for a modification, and so on.  The bank has attorneys working on taking your home…it’s time to let them know you will not be pushed around anymor