Firm co-founder Mr. Juan F. Dotson supervises and handles all criminal, immigration, and real estate cases. No case is too small or too big. He is a seasoned trial attorney—he has handled over 20 criminal trials and produced for his clients. His trial experience carried over into the immigration, family law, and real estate fields because of his practical understanding of evidence and litigation pressure. Mr. Dotson has successfully defended immigration detainees with aggravated felonies and obtained green cards for foreign nationals. He has also helped convince judges to extend visitation rights to parent despite mediator reports suggesting otherwise.
Firm co-founder Mrs. Claudia C. Osuna’s experience dates back to her days as a paralegal, where she specialized in personal injury, worker’s compensation, bankruptcy, and family law. In handling thousands of cases, her clients have benefited immensely from her accurate case evaluation and obtaining favorable results. Her litigation experience and training also proved pivotal in her defense of criminal defendants and bankruptcy petitioners. She doesn’t let the other side push her clients around because she understands the rules of engagement better than the banks or the district attorneys.

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